Saints and Vanitas

Selected Paintings 2019 – 2020
The Rabbithole. 2020.
Veil of Odilon Redon. 2020. Oil on Board. 70x70cm
The Edge of Understanding. 2020. Oil on Board. 70x70cm (private collection)
Fever. 2020. Oil on Board. 70x70cm
Here Comes the Sun. 2019. Oil on Canvas. 50x50cm (private collection)
Dia De Los Muertos. 2019. Oil on Canvas. 100x100cm (private collection)
Helena. 2019. Oil on Board. 60x40cm (private collection)
Maria. 2019. Oil on Canvas. 100x100cm. (private collection)
Roses for Franciscus. 2019
Stargate. 2019. Oil on Board. 60x40cm. (private collection)
Jeanne. 2019. Oil on Board. 62x82cm. (private collection)